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It's time to WIN some great prizes from all the Village of Webster Merchants with our 2020 Christmas Snowman Scavenger Hunt.

RULES: There are 16 village businesses that are participating, with each location described (somewhat) in the riddle below. Figure out which merchants they are.  Each one has a snowman poster with a specific word on it. Collect all 16 words then combine them to complete the phrase ( blank below ). Email your answer to and you're entered to win some GREAT PRIZES.  Have FUN!  Contest ends Saturday December 19th at midnight.

  • Too many holiday treats will make you want to go here for nutrition advice
  • Even the Grinch likes holiday music
  • It can be very taxing to look for snowmen!
  • Trying to get all over the world in one night with a reindeer can be a hair raising experience
  • If your sleigh breaks down dashing through the snow, this is a place you’ll need to go.
  • Deck the walls with all the cool things offered here.
  • Grandma is healing here after her reindeer debacle
  • Pretty sure the Wiseman brought gold, frankincense and mozzarella
  • You can always “sub”stitute something else for Figgy pudding
  • Where oh where could all the snowmen bee
  • You can bet Santa bought his recliner here
  • Historically speaking, scavenger hunts are fun!
  • You can’t always bank on a white Christmas
  • Let's read between the lines to find all the snowmen!
  • Hermy alert Hermy alert! Misfit elf loose in the village where might he be?
  • Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

Solve the puzzle here.. ______ ___ ______ ________ ____ ___ _______ __ _______, _______ ___ ____ ___ ______ __ ____!

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